Upcoming events

Workshop on Mainstreaming Sustainable Social Housing in India


International Women's Day Celebration


Development Alternatives Contributes to an International Deliberation on Circular Economy

The World Urban Forum invited DA to put heads together on the role of the New Urban Agenda as a tool and accelerator for achieving the Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.

Enhancing Livelihoods through the Exoticism of Himalayas

A project inception workshop derived expert and indigenous inputs for shaping DA's work on the correlation of livelihood and eco-tourism in the Himalayan areas.

Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3) Stakeholders Meet Again

The launch of LC3 Technology Resource Centre and DA's advances in LC3 were shared with international audiences, to empower the technology, its production and application in the future.

Small Steps Targeting Big Impact

Workshops inculcated the feeling of accountability for cleanliness and waste generation in each individual, driving them towards increasing the green cover of the city.

Innovation Supports the Economy of Farmers

Marginalised farmers were trained on the novel techniques of developing and nurturing nurseries – a place where seedlings are raised before being transplanted in the main field.

Six Entrepreneurs Bag the Title of KBBL

A co-creation process - Kaun Banega Business Leader - encouraged entrepreneurs to undertake their business idea, and provided them with the knowledge to implement these ideas successfully.

Let's Make India a Literate “Republic”

On the occasion of Republic Day, the TARA Akshar+ team combined the celebration of literacy among rural women, with that of the enforcement of the Constitution of India.

The Journey from Encumbrance to Empowerment

An intervention brought forth the success story of Pathredi, one of the target villages, where the birth of 10 girl children over the last month was celebrated with pride.

Synergised Efforts for Women SHGs in Bundelkhand

DA, with support from NABARD, is undertaking an initiative to provide access to sustainable banking services to rural women by the formation and nurturing of SHGs in Bundelkhand.

World Urban Forum Side Event on 'Green is Affordable'

World Urban Forum Networking Event on Circular Economy in Buildings and Construction

Registration for Webinar on ‘Valuing Natural Capital', 17th January 20

Webinar on ‘Valuing Natural Capital - Opportunities to Green the India


COP23 Side Event on Circular Economy and Low Carbon Development - A Climate Change Solution


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