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Knowledge Base for Energy Efficiency and Decentralized Renewable Energy in India

The Knowledgebase for Energy Efficiency and Decentralized Renewable Energy in India" is a project under the umbrella of MAIN - Mitigation and Adaptation Information Network for Sustainable Communities. The goal for the knowledgebase is to build knowledge in the area of decentralized renewable energy by creating a learning platform for the implementation of projects that capitalize upon local skills and resources, with women in key operational roles.

MAIN is an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) based network designed for exchange of information and experience, promoting innovation, capacity building, and empowerment by and for local practitioners.

The objective of MAIN is to bring together expertise, knowledge and local experiences in a common network that empowers communities across the globe to create, share, use, and store knowledge to support sustainable living.

Case Studies on Decentralized Renewable Energy

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