TARAgram Datia

With TARAgram Orchha operating as the main sustainable resource facility, a second appropriate technology village was set up in Datia. The objective behind establishing the centre was to demonstrate different models of energy conservation.

In addition to the numerous DA initiatives that have been replicated, TARAgram-Datia undertakes extensive research and demonstration related to the manufacture of bricks. It is equipped with a Material Research Laboratory to undertake testing and analyses of clay and non clay-based bricks and building materials.

TARA Eco-Kiln

The centre is a demonstration of TARA Eco-Kiln (Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln (VSBK) – energy efficient and environment-friendly technology for firing clay bricks. The technology reduces coal usage by 40-50 per cent and allows small-scale entrepreneurs to earn carbon revenues by negotiating as a cluster. Several eco kilns have been rolled out in various states of India. Most of these avail carbon credits through the Community Development Carbon Fund (CDCF), a World Bank initiative.

Several other projects being implemented in other developing countries like Bangladesh and South Africa are demonstrating specific cleaner technologies and practices. These have the potential to bring down air pollution and increase energy use efficiency in existing brick firing technologies, in context with the specific countries in which they are being set up. The demonstrations show that the technology will result in reduced air emissions and energy use without compromising on the quality and production of the bricks manufactured. The technology is particularly suited for small-scale and decentralised brick manufacturing units in developing countries.

The VSBK Technology was brought to Datia from China in 1996 and through intensive research, was adapted to Indian conditions. TARAgram Datia houses a centre for brick excellence, which provides technical support services to brick manufacturers. The success of this technology is boosted due to the availability of fly ash waste and sponge-iron waste near the site.

TARA Nirman Kendra Resource Centre

Udyamita Suvidha Kendra (USK)

Set up in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology, USK is an Enterprise Incubator for Rural Women involved in brick-making since 2005.

The set up provides opportunities in technology-based livelihoods and helps rural women become successful brick-making entrepreneurs, while enhancing overall labour productivity. The strategy adopted for sustainability is to strengthen their participation and develop the capacities of women to manage small scale enterprises.

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