The Development Alternatives (DA) group is a think-tank that works to promote sustainable development. Since 1982, DA has pioneered the concept of sustainable and inclusive growth. It has worked for poverty reduction at the base of the pyramid (BOP) in Asia and Africa. DA's incubation branch, TARA is committed to achieve a balance between economic, environmental and social imperatives; in their business operations and interactions with stakeholders.

TARA, for the last 25 years has been incubating micro-enterprise based decentralised models, aimed at providing basic needs of the BOP population. Its work in the development of market systems and enterprise development has led to the establishment of DA’s own green businesses. These businesses are designed to take low carbon, resource efficient pathways to inclusive growth in areas such as rural housing, renewable energy, water management, sustainable agriculture, waste management and recycling from local to global scale. Other TARA associates, such as TARAhaat Information and Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd., TARA Machines and Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. and DESI Power Pvt. Ltd. provide cutting-edge sustainable products and services, which have drawn attention from green investors and social venture funds.

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