Sustainable Development in India needs to focus on finding answers to the various needs of the community, that range from rapid increase in population to over consumption of resources, which has resulted in large scale poverty, deprivation and depletion of resources. Along with trying and finding solutions to these existing problems, we also need to worry about the surprises and sudden changes that the environment may have for us tomorrow.

At Development Alternatives, we ensure that the people who will be worst affected by these environmental changes, are best equipped to adapt to them.

To achieve our goal we concentrate on designing tools, techniques, institutional systems and resource management systems that can empower the communities.  Our focus is on providing not only sustainable livelihood opportunities to a large number of the marginalised population, but also strengthening their institutions, and helping them access basic needs like – safe water, energy, sanitation, habitat and literacy.

We focus on empowering communities through learning from nature and by promoting resource efficient practices on a large scale. These include practices like - using renewable energy, watershed management, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, delivery of services for eco-housing, training for job creation and rural communications. Special focus is also given on empowering the women in this process, through skill building and education.

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