About Development Alternatives


Set up in 1982, and headquartered in New Delhi, India, the Development Alternatives Group (DA) was the first social enterprise dedicated to sustainable development.

Its Vision is a world where every citizen has a decent, healthy and fulfilling life and the environment and its resource base maintain their productivity for all times.

Its Mission is to apply technology, institutional and social innovations to create Sustainable Livelihoods and a Resilient, Productive Environment.

Its Focus is on the Needs of marginalized people, particularly women, the young, the hungry and the excluded.


  • If you are a company,
you can support us as a corporate care team
  • If you are an individual,
you can support us by becoming a champion
  • If you are a runner,
you can run for us and support us

Empower through literacy

Safe Drinking Water in Schools

Toilet for girls in schools

Skills to Livelihoods

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