The Development Alternatives (DA) Group provides commercially viable and socially relevant enterprise solutions that inspire local economies and create jobs to deliver sustainable livelihoods. DA has facilitated the establishment of more than thousand business models and enterprises since its inception, designed to take low carbon pathways and inclusive growth in areas such as rural housing, renewable energy, water management, sustainable agriculture, waste management and recycling from local to global scale.

DA, through its solutions, enables creation of ecosystems that bring together diverse stakeholders of the market to form social business models. Its services reach out to aspiring businesses and entrepreneurs in the form of technology, finance, business management and market support, along all three critical phases of enterprise development, namely innovation, incubation and implementation. These solutions are contemporary in nature and are attuned to be responsive to the dynamic nature of the market, integrated with the dimensions of environmental sustainability, technological innovations and changing labour markets.

The enterprise development service portfolio includes:

  • Training and Capacity Building for Skill building.
  • Enterprise Support Services for Technology Packaging, Financial Linkages, Market Linkages, Business Models and Packaging, and Enterprise Handholding Support.
  • Value Chain Development for Value Chain Development Support and Market Aggregation.

These services extend to a wide range of enterprise models, which include Community Based Enterprise Models, Social Enterprise Models, Aggregation Service Models, Decentralised Micro-Enterprises and Franchised Service Models.

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