The initiatives of DA in the area of environment management span across not only the rural and urban milieu but also natural ecosystems such as forests and wetlands. All these initiatives adopt a holistic approach that takes into consideration both the natural elements of the ecosystem and the communities inhabiting the space. The basic objective is to incorporate sustainability into the interactions and dependencies between these components.

The rural interventions linked to environment management have a primary focus on securing livelihoods through climate resilience and resource efficiency. The urban interventions mostly revolve around decoupling development from resource use through technologies for waste recycling and behaviour change for sustainable consumption. The overall outcome for these initiatives is the sustainable management of natural resources and the protection of natural ecosystems for sustaining the ecological services provided by them.

For sustainability of impact, these initiatives inform and sensitise communities on the impacts of local actions on the environment and also engage them in reporting and management of the local environment.

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Project Locations