The Development Alternatives (DA) Group is a premier research and action organisation, with the ability to work across various levels. DA finds conceptual and methodological solutions to global challenges of poverty and environment, and applies these at the local level, through multi-stakeholder partnerships in a business-oriented approach. It then, converts these lessons into tools and methodologies that may be applied in varied national and international contexts. DA has been acknowledged as one of the top 150 think-tanks in the world, as a trans-disciplinary research organisation. Our experiences from the work done at the grassroots level assist in policy making at these regional, national and global  levels. Our contributions in the developing and developed nations are manifold:

As a knowledge bank:  DA supports transfer of technologies, builds capacities and knowledge systems that contribute in improving development practices in  South East Asian countries.

As a premier think-tank: DA group has been associated with globally sustainable development processes, since the Earth Summit in 1982. The organisation led by Chairman Dr. Ashok Khosla, has been a leading voice for integrating the three dimensions of development within a just and fair governance framework. DA group is currently supporting a variety of international institutions and the UN system in framing the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development, post 2015.

As an international research group: DA collaborates with other research and action groups across South Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America to conduct studies on key development issues such as green economy and clean technology proliferation, disaster safety and housing, water management and climate change adaptation systems. DA is a leading member in various regional and global research programmes, action and policy advocacy networks such as:

  • Basin-South Asia and Climate Action Network-South Asia that work at regional levels, to develop a regional perspective on habitat and climate concerns.
  • Green Economy Coalition that works to develop global perspectives, on inclusive green and sustainable economies
  • Independent research Forum that is supporting the UN process for a post 2015 global sustainable development agenda
  • Global Water Partnership and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


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