Development Communication

Development Communication supports sustainable change in development operations by engaging key stakeholders in the development process. It also tries to establish two-way flows to share knowledge, opinions and perceptions among the stakeholders, and establish conducive environments for assessing risk and opportunities to disseminate information, and induce behavioural and social change. The role of development communication is more relevant today as the development focus has shifted from economic growth to include other social dimensions. And sustainability and people’s participation have become key elements.

We use various communication platforms to bridge the information gap between the community and the government. The aim is to bring behavior change for sustainable development, probing into the socio-economic and political factors, identifying priorities, assessing risks and opportunities, empowering people, strengthening institutions, and promoting social change within complex cultural and political environment. We use community radio, street theatre, puppetry shows to reach out to the community and make them aware. This plays a vital role in facilitating inclusive governance systems, giving ‘voice’ to poor and marginalised groups, and enabling citizen participation and sustainable social accountability.


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