Natural Resource Management

People and economies depend on nature – for a stable climate, food, clean air and water, energy and raw materials. Yet we have failed to reflect that dependency in our economic activities and projections. It is in our interest to ensure environmental stability, favourable climatic conditions and the on-going provisions of environmental goods and services.

Our Natural Resource Management programme depicts a strong practice to policy connect with on-ground demonstration of resilient models and improved practices for land and water management, sustainable agriculture and climate adaptive decentralised planning, alongside research and policy influence in the area of farmer producer organisations, resource flows and ecological SDGs. We have continued our focus on developing climate resilient agricultural models for sustainable management of natural resources and securing livelihoods of local communities in arid and semi-arid regions in India. The initiative gives special attention to training communities on organic and chemical free cultivation, high value climate-proof medicinal plant cultivation, as well as water security and safety. The climate resilience intervention has been extended to newer geographies, such as Rajasthan and North Eastern India and engaged more than 100,000 people across 560 villages. We are committed to deliver improved water security through a combined approach of agro-horticulture and watershed models. In response to the chronic drought situation in Bundelkhand, we pioneered in establishing check-dams as a low cost and sustainable technology for realising water security outcomes.


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