Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy

Inefficient environmental management practices are one of the main causes of environmental degradation. Currently, inefficient resource utilisation contributes to enormous quantities of wastes generation and carbon emissions because of our consumption and production patterns, right from extraction of raw materials till the stage of product disposal. This linear "take-make-waste" approach not only means a constant chain of “natural resources” use but also contributes to a huge economic share on managing the “wastes”. Once the waste is produced, money, manpower and additional materials must be spent to manage it. The best and least expensive means of waste management is to reduce the amount generated at the source itself and then gradually transitioning to circular economy.

In this context we are working on developing a supportive ecosystem to help a smooth transition to resource resilient economy and ultimately to circular economy. We have been actively working towards decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation through reducing material/energy intensity of selective economic activities and reducing emissions and waste from extraction, production, consumption and disposal and promoting a shift of consumption patterns towards groups of goods and services with lower energy and material intensity without compromising quality of life. The work on resource efficiency and circular economy involves technology and policy research and analysis; collaborative perspective building; advocacy for policy change and capacity building and planning support.


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