Green and Inclusive Development

The transition to a green economy will enable triple bottom line impacts – livelihood creation with social equity and natural ecosystem protection. However, such a transition is riddled with obstacles. Breaking down the barriers and building a green economy which is equitable, resilient and sustainable necessitates carefully designed policies, based on robust analysis and research. We, at DA, aim to identify a comprehensive suite of enabling conditions and policy options to facilitate the transition towards a green and inclusive economy. We work to generate policy influence by capturing best practices, through action based research and creation of partnerships. Such practice-to-policy connect helps in analysing challenges and opportunities in specific green sectors, such as agriculture, buildings, renewable energy, water and waste management etc., leading to multiplication and scaling out of replicable solutions.

DA is India member of Green Economy Coalition (GEC), a global network with diverse set of organisations from different sectors, including NGOs, research institutes, UN organisations, businesses, and trade unions; voicing the grassroots experiences for greening the economy. We host a platform Mainstreaming Alternative Perspectives (MAP-SA) for communities, organisations, businesses and governments to engage, enrich and take forward the transition to green, inclusive, fair economies in India and South Asia. As a knowledge hub, MAP-SA captures on-ground practices, state and national policies, perspectives and research reports to inform and build the transition towards green inclusive economies


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