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The Pioneer | 14 Oct 2019

A community programme in Mirzapur has made palpable difference in empowering anyone who has a workable idea to become an entrepreneur, discovers Sakshi Sharma


Addressing India's water crisis - A discussion on Business Television

Business Television India | 28 Jun 2019

While the government has created a new ministry to look at water conservation, the President, Prime Minister and the entire cabinet is talking about the issue. With India's ground water depleting, is it too late to address issues of irrigation and drought? To discuss this Business Television India (BTVI) organised a panel discussion on Addressing India's Water Crisis. Dr K. Vijaya Laksmi, VP Development Alternatives emphasised on the mismanagement of water as the prime reason for crisis.


Jal Shakti Drive For New India: A panel discussion on Business Television India

Business Television India | 01 Jul 2019

The government has launched "Jal Shakti Abhiyan" as part of the initiative to accelerate water harvesting and conservation. To discuss this Business Television India (BTVI) organised a panel discussion on Jal Shakti Drive For New India. Dr K. Vijaya Laksmi, VP Development Alternatives, emphasised on the need for an action plan to use water as one unit on the show.


Red brick kilns in Bihar destroy about 6,000 acres of land every year

Hindustan Times | 29 Jun 2019

The study has been done by DA in association with Bihar State Pollution Control Board. Commenting on this situation, BSPCB chairman Ashok Kumar Ghosh said, “The red brick kilns are destroying the agricultural land and depleting the groundwater also


How resource overuse has now put us on the brink of collapse in many sectors

Financial Express | 14 Jun 2019

India’s development trajectory has to meet the twin objectives of ‘Prosperity for All,’ ‘Within Planetary Boundaries’. National strategies for economic development and growth must, therefore, ensure that building financial and human capital does not stress our natural capital; rather, it must regenerate it. A national policy framework that guides the sustainable management of our natural resources and ecosystem services is critical to secure India’s future.

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