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The Development Alternatives World Headquarters, located in New Delhi, is one of the first buildings in India that aims at Zero Emissions.

The building is best described as a living ecosystem: a fine balance of natural and man-made processes employing environment-friendly energy, material and water management methods. A living testimony to the vision, mission and commitment of Development Alternatives to creating a national future that is based on social justice and a cleaner environment. It is already becoming the benchmark for green buildings in India.

It is now widely accepted that the business decisions enterprises make should be based not only on the conventional financial factors such as profits or dividends, but must also consider the immediate and long term social and environmental consequences of their activities. India, which is still a transition economy, has the opportunity to bypass the costly environmental mistakes of the industrialized world and get a head start in building a greener world by promoting the use of environmentally sound, affordable building materials and technologies.

Development Alternatives believes its newly reconstructed Headquarters building will set a standard for ‘responsible construction practices’ in India that will rely on the use of alternative, eco-friendly and cost effective methods, technologies and solutions.


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