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Climate Action Network South Asia – CANSA

Not Available | 26 May 2014

CANSA supports and empowers Civil Society Organisations to influence the design and development of a global climate strategy to reduce green-house gas-emissions at regional and local levels. CANSA promotes and protects sustainable development. DA jointly hosts the CANSA Secretariat with the Bangladesh Centre for Advance Studies (BCAS). DA representatives coordinate the activities of the networks, as well as provide insightful input to the CANSA process.


Bundelkhand Knowledge Platform (BKP)

Bundelkhand News | 26 May 2014

The Bundelkhand Knowledge Platform is a forum where meaningful dialogue of ideas and experiences amongst several stakeholders are exchanged in order to lead sustainable practices for livestock, energy and water security and advocate appropriate development strategies and livelihood policies for Bundelkhand in the climate change context.



Not Available | 26 May 2014

Development Alternatives hosts the Secretariat of basin-South Asia, a regional knowledge platform to develop knowledge systems and promote collaborative actions within South Asia. The mission is to enable the poor to access sustainable habitats and livelihoods through dissemination of such information by the 17 partners.

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