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Climate Resilience in Action

There is always a great deal of discussion with respect to emissions of each country at every climate conference. In this article, Dr. Soumen Maity, Team Leader-Technology, Development Alternatives Group emphasises that resource efficiency is an important tool for achieving challenging emission targets. He throws light on some of the Blue-Sky Innovations that the Development Alternatives Group has been promoting for the last few years. These revolutionary innovations improve the economy’s efficiency by enabling it to produce more with the same or fewer resources


Water for All and Always

Hospital bills are rising, as gastro-intestinal epidemics, skin allergies, cancers, and chronic impacts on kidneys, bones and teeth become rampant pointing to pollution from water sources. Water bills are rising as bore wells need to be sunk deeper and deeper and often water pipes run dry because treatment....


Reviving Traditional Water Bodies

The importance of water, a life-growing resource, cannot be over emphasised. India has a low water management score. This is not only making a deep impact on the country’s economic advancement but is also leading to acute shortages of water for agriculture and potable water....


Future of Green and Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Among the many cries of ‘build back better’, one wonders who the face of this post-pandemic future in India is. As we design a post-pandemic economic recovery, are we considering the undeniable ‘duality’ of an economic system – disproportionately ignoring the needs of many while responding, almost exclusively, to the aspirations of a few?...


Circular Economy

It is now very clear that we are certain to go into a 1.5-degree-plus world within this decade with likelihood to have a 2-degree-plus world by 2100, and that too only if we act now, because beyond that, human civilisation as we know it would have irretrievably changed.

The world now requires action including the immediate capping of global emissions despite the need to enhance energy and material consumption in the global south....

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