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Resource Efficiency for Sustainable Wellbeing of All

For centuries, our development and economic prosperity has depended on production of more and more goods and services. This has led to an ever-growing consumption of natural resources

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Tackling Challenges of Youth Unemployment in India

On one hand, higher growth has raised the youth’s aspirations for more meaningful jobs, thereby leading to a mismatch between jobs offered and jobs that educated youth are looking for. On the other hand, in today’s era of the fourth industrial revolution, young people need to be equipped with necessary skills to work with new technologies. Spells of unemployment, particularly long spells, can lead to scarring effects and a higher likelihood of being unemployed later in life and a wage penalty.


India's Waste Woes: Is Waste-to-Energy the Answer?

Increasing industrialisation, urbanisation and changes in the pattern of life, which accompany the process of economic growth, give rise to increasing quantities of waste leading to increased threats to the environment. India’s 377 million urban folks are generating 62 million tonnes of waste every year.

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