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Water Smartness is Vital to Embrace the “New Normal”

In recent times, in our fight against the Novel Corona Virus COVID-19, the need for staying connected and being informed has been felt more than ever before especially in the case of rural communities in far flung areas.


A Paradigm Shift in Our Approach towards Entrepreneurship

Globally, joblessness is one of the biggest challenges of an uncertain, post Covid future. The onus that lay on entrepreneurship for job-creation, has only increased in impetus. However, while, income gaps between high tech start-ups and grassroot enterprises are widening, unemployment levels are rapidly rising. Even when these ventures are within the social entrepreneurship space, their benefits are found to be ‘limited’. Forecasts for job-creation therefore look bleak.


Strategies to Deal with COVID Pandemic

Indian economy has been cruelly impacted due to the COVID 19 pandemic and is still struggling to come on track. As per the Government of India forecast in the financial year 20-21, GDP growth has decreased from 5.3% in February 2020. With an unemployment rate of 27.11% till the month of May 2020, the country faced a lot of challenges especially in urban areas where about 93 million people got affected by the health crisis.


Journeying towards a New Normal

The COVID 19 crisis has cast a paralytic shadow on the trajectory of development. As the world is still grappling with the pandemic, we have to admit to the fact that this unforeseen enemy was always poised to strike. We must accept that a re-orientation in existing structures is necessary for us to develop resilience from any anticipated future crises. The 2016 UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Frontiers report had flagged zoonoses as an issue of global concern. Unwavering global trends have highlighted that zoonotic disease outbreaks are happening more frequently. Without human to animal transmission, the pandemic would not have presented itself so virulently. Drivers of ecosystem fragmentation have exacerbated the crisis.


A Roadmap for Reimagining the Future

COVID-19 is a crisis that defies all rules. It has affected us in unimaginable ways, with repercussions that will last for many decades. The pandemic has brought the fragility of livelihood security for millions of Indians into sharp focus. Hundreds of thousands of migrant workers are caught in “no man’s land” and many more are stuck in cities, without an income and unable to make their way home.

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