Development Alternatives (DA) understands the importance of inter-linked and coordinated decision making for creating sustainable livelihoods at scale. It guides such decisions through forward thinking and informed policy making to facilitate transitions. The six main areas for policy influence are:

  •  Energy Security
  •  Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
  •  Green Building Materials
  •  Sustainable Habitat
  •  Urbanisation
  •  Green and Inclusive Economy

DA strives to influence the decision makers and policy makers by demonstrating sustainable solutions at scale through its various programmes, primarily in the Bundelkhand region. DA’s initiatives have increased awareness about the micro-level concerns of small holders, rural entrepreneurs, villagers and rural workers. It involves the entire community in the process of identifying the challenges and finding solutions. Such a systemic, collaborative and integrated approach helps break silos created by the fundamental disconnects in macro-level policies and programmes. It ensures that solutions are more effective and responsive towards the needs of the communities that are otherwise marginalised by the traditional top-down approach.

DA aims to generate policy influence by capturing the best practices through action-based research and partnerships. Such practice to policy connects help in multiplication and scaling up of replicable solutions.


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