The Development Alternatives (DA) Group firmly believes in the power of appropriate technology for providing sustainable development solutions to the problems faced by the people on planet Earth. The unique eco-solutions by DA use an integrated systemic approach to take care of socio-economic, environmental and resource concerns. These include the use of low-carbon, climate resilient, renewable, decentralised, gender inclusive participatory patterns of growth and resource management.

The DA Group works on innovating and delivering technology packages that can lead to profitable business solutions, while conserving the environment. Its programmes adopt and customise technologies for waste utilisation and efficient resource management. These programmes are equally beneficial to large, medium, small and micro enterprises. These solutions serve as innovations that focus on:

  • Carbon footprint reduction and hazardous waste elimination without causing any significant pollution
  • Climate change adaptation and conservation of the eco-system by eliminating the use of virgin resources and enhancing resource efficiency
  • Waste-to-Wealth management by utilising waste and recycling, creating cleaner enterprises and providing greener livelihood opportunities

The activities of DA are in the realm of research and design, advisory, monitoring and evaluation, education and training, networking and grassroots support, field implementation and communication. DA’s thematic focus is to design and demonstrate Low Carbon Pathways for development, through Natural Resource Management Models and Climate Technology Solutions (e.g. Waste-to-Wealth). DA designs and facilitates multi-stakeholder actions for securing basic needs such as habitat, water, energy, information and livelihood (Green Jobs).



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