Stories of change

Unleashing her Potential

Yashoda Dev, once a marginalised farmer, is now self-reliant. The wadi plantation, through which she cultivated variety of crops, emerged as a reliable source of income for her family and helped her achieve her dreams.

Literacy Paved the Way for Leadership

Meet Kalui Devi. A woman who fought all odds to live her dream of becoming literate and independent. Today she is a change maker who advocates for environmental protection in the community.

An Information Kiosk On Wheels

With the COVID-19 pandemic, economic uncertainty spread across India. Sappu, an entrepreneur in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh forms an innovative solution to manage his kiosk by setting up and marketing door-to-door services.

TARA Akshar+ Neo-literates are COVID Warriors

TARA Akshar+ neo-literates from Lalitpur in Uttar Pradesh are stitching masks and distributing to people in the village. They are also spreading awareness among the community to fight against COVID-19

Hope and Resilience in Times of a Pandemic

Meet Anita, a young COVID-19 warrior, who is making masks to help her community be safe in the time of pandemic

Opening new pathways for the Himalayan youth

Meet Keshar Singh, our community member trained as a responsible trek guide.

Battling Water Scarcity with Community Owned Models

The remote villages of Bundelkhand have been quenching their thirst with an innovative technology-based water supply model. They key for its success has been community ownership and accountability. Cover photo: attached

He dares to dream big

Meet Yashveer Rana, a budding entrepreneur of an ecotourism venture in Uttarkashi

The Upcoming designer of Orcchas

Narendra not only makes colourful apparels for his customers but also emphasizes on the quality of work done. He believes that the quality of work speaks for itself.

The Pride E-rickshaw rider of Mirzapur

Pragya is first woman e-rickshaw driver from Mirzapur. Her story inspires girls to break the patriarchal barrier and follow their dreams.

The Change Makers of Lacchapatti

Stories of Dharmendra and Gulshan have inspired others in Mirzapur to take up entrepreneurship as a reliable livelihood path


Meera Kushwaha stands as a role model for other young girls and continues to mentor them in realizing their potential

Meera Bai

Listening to Radio Bundelkhand enabled Meera Bai to return to her family business of selling earthen pots.

Women in Fly Ash Brick Industry

Story of a woman entrepreneur leading a green business. Mikki Devi is one of the first women entrepreneurs in the fly ash brick sector in Bihar.

Vermicompost Enterprise

From what started as a humble beginning in her backyard, Asha Devi has now scaled her business to a level where she now aggregates vermi-compost from other units in her village and sells it at almost double the price.

Being wise with waste

Ms. Rekha Wadhva, a resident of Pitampura (Delhi), is a home maker with a passion for gardening. When the Development Alternatives’ team shared the concept of kitchen waste recycling with the various households in Saraswati Vihar, she was first amongst the 40 households to grab the opportunity to get trained to convert kitchen waste into compost through waste care composters and installed the composter at her home. She has been wise in converting waste into manure.

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