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Calcined clay limestone cements (LC3)

The use of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) to replace part of the clinker in cement is the most successful strategy to reduce CO2 emissions in the global cement industry. However, limited supplies of conventional SCMs make it difficult to take this strategy further unless new types of SCMs become available. The only type of material available in the quantities needed to meet demand is clay containing kaolinite, which can be calcined to produce an effective SCM. This paper looks mainly at results emerging from the LC3 project (, which focusses on the most reactive kaolinitic clays.

Radio Bundelkhand receives the ‘Friends of MANCH’

Radio Bundelkhand receives the ‘Friends of MANCH’

DA quoted in Financial Express

Report on Resource Efficiency in the Indian Construction Sector by Development Alternatives and GIZ (2015) quoted in the article ' Sustainable urban development: Why it is important to set standards and have quality certification for recycled materials?', published in the Financial Express.

Fly Ash Brick Initiatives of DA

This document displays media coverage of Fly Ash Brick Initiatives of Development Alternatives

International Literacy Day Celebrations, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand

Eminent media agencies have captured International Literacy Day celebrations on 8th September, 2018. More than 650 women, including TARAAkshar+ graduates and learners participated in the celebrations.

DA's Case Study on Pico Grids on CANSA Magazine

Article on ‘Pico-grid an Option for Climate Smart Village: A Case Study from Jhansi’, got published in Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA) Magazine - Eco-Village Development Practices in South Asia Stories and Case Studies.

Graduation Ceremony of TARA Akshar+ Neo-literates - Media Coverage

Eminent print media agencies have captured the graduation ceremonies of TARA Akshar+ Programme, held at three locations - Aurai Block of Bhadohi District and Kachhauna Block of Hardoi District, Uttar Pradesh and Bhagwanpur Block of Haridwar District, Uttarakhand. More than 1650 TARA Akshar+ neo-literates were felicitated with certificates for successful completion of the 56 days of literacy and numeracy teaching cycle.

Literacy Giving Wings of Self-Dependence to Shahnaz, TARA Akhshar+ Learner

Dainik Jagran, Varanasi covered the heartwarming story of Shahnaz, a resident of Veerbhadrapatti village, Bhadohi, Varanasi. The article captures the life journey of Shahnaz and how her determination to become financially independent overpowered her disability. It mentions the significant role played by DA's TARA Akshar + Programme in bringing a welcome change in her life.

Awareness Workshop on Utilisation of Fly Ash Bricks - Media Coverage

An Awareness Workshop on the Utilisation of Fly Ash Bricks was conducted on 5th June and 14th June 2018, at Supaul and Motihar, Champaran District, Bihar. On the occasion of World Environment Day, it discussed the advantages of using this eco-friendly material for construction, encouraging entrepreneurs to set up and drive their enterprises in this direction.

la Caixa Coalition Launch Event Media Coverage

The la Caixa Coalition Launch Event took place in Taragram Orchha and Zila Panchayat Hall, Mirzapur. The coalition has been launched in both Bundelkhand and Eastern Uttar Pradesh to service a network of 5000 entrepreneurs. The objective has been to promote a listening and learning discourse on entrepreneurship and job creation with various stakeholders. This is a compilation of the programme and the event being covered by various media organisations..

Media Coverage of TARA Akshar+ Gyan Chaupali Training

Media has covered the ongoing literacy classes of the TARA Akshar+ programme. This programme has become highly successful, owing to its use of advanced learning and memory techniques for enabling functional literacy of rural women in just 56 days, followed by Gyan Chaupali classes of six months.

Dr. Ashok quoted in the Gulf Today

Dr. Ashok Khosla, Indian environmentalist and Founder of the Development Alternatives group, has been a recipient of the Zayed International Prize for the Environment in the second category in 2014. He said Sheikh Zayed was one of the "greatest heroes" of the 20th century because of his vision and his generosity in promoting causes for humanity.

Media Coverage of the Training Programmes of Disaster-Resilient Techno

Development Alternatives conducted two training workshops, ‘Adaptation of New/Existing Technologies: CSEB and Concrete Block Production Training’ and ‘Adaptation of New/ Existing Technologies: Pine Shingle, Timber Trusses and Timber Treatment Training’ from 26th to 29th March and 2nd to 7th April 2018, in Kamad Village (Dunda Block, Uttarkashi District) and Forest Research Institute Campus (Dehradun, Uttarakhand), respectively. This media coverage has captured the trainings conducted under DST TIMELEARN Project.

Community Rozgar Mela, Madhya Pradesh

A Community Rozgar Mela was organised by the Development Alternatives (DA) Group, in partnership with the Ford Foundation, on 23rd April 2018, with the aim to spread awareness about employment, and to build the capacity of youth to link them with suitable livelihoods.

TARAAkshar+ Empowering Lives of Women through Literacy

TARA Akshar+, a Literacy and Numeracy programme, is a highly successful and cost effective method which uses advanced learning and memory techniques, and modern information technology, for enabling illiterate rural women to read, write and do simple arithmetic in just 56 days. This document is a collation of stories of the TARA Akshar+ Programme covered by media.

Award for 'Excellent Work' in Watershed Development in Uttar Pradesh

Pura Watershed Development Samiti and Budhpura Samiti, two group institutions nurtured and promoted by Development Alternatives, receive the Certificate of Award for 'Excellent Work’ in Uttar Pradesh for Watershed Development from NABARD.

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