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Last Updated on July 24, 2020

Stories of Resilience

Providing Relief to Communities Amidst the Lockdown

Development Alternatives along with its partner Janpahal supported by Maersk are distributing food packets to daily wagers, rag pickers, homeless and other people affected by the lockdown in Delhi-NCR in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this initiative we will reach out to 9000 people. The Janpahal volunteers distributing food are taking necessary hygiene precautions by wearing gloves and face masks and are also making the community aware about the significance of social distancing.

Creating awareness through Radio Bundelkhand

Community radio - Radio Bundelkhand has always played a significant role in connecting with the community and highlighting important issues. Now it is actively creating awareness regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of social distancing in the fight to eliminate this disease, to 2 lakh people across 150 villages in Bundelkhand. Through Live programmes, it has also shared important information by the State and Central government on this issue, thus playing an important part in giving the latest updates and news to the community.

Socio-Economic Impact Study of COVID-19 in Villages of Bundelkhand

Development Alternatives has been working in Bundelkhand for the last 25 years and recently undertook a short study based on a survey conducted across 4 districts covering 1168 people from 29 villages in the region. Hear the voices on the ground! We bring to you the report titled – 'Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Bundelkhand Villages', which assesses the challenges and the effect of COVID-19 on livelihood and food security, among the rural community and reverse migrating community in Bundelkhand. Read More

TARA Akshar+ Neo-literates Contributing to Combat spread of COVID-19

TARA Akshar+ neo-literates in villages of Jhansi District in Uttar Pradesh, have been stitching masks and distributing them to women belonging to Below Poverty Line. They have also been creating awareness on social distancing and regular washing of hands. In doing so, they are ensuring that people in their villages, especially underprivileged women, are better equipped to combat COVID-19.

Helping Fellow Community Members by Distributing Masks

Saroj Yadav, Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh is a field coordinator for Work 4 Progress programme of la Caixa Foundation and Development Alternatives. She has recently become an active member of a community digital group for entrepreneurs - 'udyaME'. Here she learned of another W4P entrepreneur Narendra’s initiative of making cloth masks in Bundelkhand. Saroj tapped into the local needs for masks in her own village and is now stitching and distributing masks to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Providing Relief to Communities in Times of Crisis

Millions of migrant workers are impacted due to the lockdown in India in view of the spread of COVID-19. They have lost their income, homes and means of livelihood. Along with our partner Janpahal supported by HUL, we are working on immediate relief measures – reaching out to vulnerable communities in areas of south-west Delhi, distributing dry ration and basic toiletries while practising proper norms of social distancing. As part of this initiative we will reach out to 7000 people.

TARA Akshar+ Neo-literates are COVID-19 Warriors

TARA Akshar+ neo-literates in Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh are going door-to-door to make sure that everybody is getting proper rations, and are also helping the civil societies and the Government by making lists of people in needs so that they can be reached with ease during the lockdown owing to COVID-19. Additionally, a group of 35 women from Marwadi village are also stitching and distributing hundreds of masks in this crisis.

How Clusters are Bringing Individuals and Networks Together

The Aromatic Essential Oils Cluster under the SFURTI scheme of Ministry of MSME and DA Group (IMEDF) in Churachandpur, Manipur runs an orphanage with over 150 children. Due to the lockdown, the orphanage faced the unavailability of ration. Through DA's networks, Assam Rifles were contacted and soon more than 1200 kg of ration was made available. Collaborative efforts and joint action of this cluster and Assam Rifles has transformed the scenario at the orphanage in these testing times.

Awareness Campaign in Uttarkashi

As the world still grapples with the challenges of COVID-19, it's essential that everyone is equipped with the knowledge to fight against the pandemic. DA along with Gram Panchayat and youth society of Kamad-Thandi in Uttarkashi conducted awareness campaigns to educate the community on social distancing and necessity of good hygiene practices that have to be followed in these times. The villages were also sanitised with disinfectants to create a safe environment.

Agents of Change

“I believe in building my pehchaan (identity) and being an entrepreneur is my ‘pehchaan”, says Narendra, an entrepreneur empowered by the Work 4 Progress programme of DA and la Caixa Foundation. Even during the lockdown, Narendra continues to stay true to his ‘pehchaan’ - his spirit of entrepreneurship. He spends his time making quality and affordable masks for members of his community to battle COVID-19. He is also motivating other entrepreneurs to do so through the digital group for entrepreneurs - 'udyaME'

Providing Relief Material to Stranded Truck Drivers

Hundreds of truck drivers are severely affected by the lockdown imposed in Delhi-NCR in view of COVID-19 and are unable to move out of the area. They remain stranded with lack of support. Development Alternatives with support from its partner Maersk distributed cooked meals to 398 truck drivers at ICD, Dadri who have been stuck since the lockdown began, owing to COVID-19. Development Alternatives is ensuring that people in need are supported during their hardships in times of a pandemic.

How Community Members are Taking Care of Each Other

Tauheed Khan, a member of the Work 4 Progress programme of DA and la Caixa Foundation, approached the district authorities for permission to distribute essentials. Since then, he has distributed meals to over 200 residents of villages near Mirzapur and has been working with the Pradhan of village Akori and other entrepreneurs to provide sanitizers and masks. Tauheed continues to provide relief packs to the 100 new residents - the sanitation workers and daily wage labourers

A Story of Mangal Singh

Mangal Singh Dohre's 'Jan Seva Kendra' Kiosk in Jhansi is a local hub for information services. Amidst the lockdown, Mangal, an entrepreneur empowered by the Work 4 Progress programme of DA and la Caixa Foundation, was forced to shut down his award-winning kiosk. He continued to provide ration cards by working from home. The urban daily wagers who were forced to return to their villages with little or no savings for survival have especially benefited from the kiosk.

COVID Safety Kits Distributed to Neo-literates

DA and it's CSO partner, Village Development Society distributed COVID safety kits (with soaps, sanitizers and information leaflets) to 500 neo-literates under the TARA Akshar+ programme across 6 villages, and ration packets were also distributed to 250 families in 3 villages in Bhagwanpur block of Haridwar district, Uttarakhand. The TARA Akshar+ neo-literates are themselves involved in stitching masks and spreading awareness to help their community. Their efforts have been appreciated by the district administration and have been widely reported in regional newspapers.