Development Alternatives Digest
February 2021


Strengthening Partnerships for Desert Ecosystems

Shrashtant Patara, Sr. Vice President, DA Group, DA Group participated as a panellist in the "Maru Manthan: Partnerships for Our Deserts" webinar co-organised by Urmul Trust and Desert Resource Center on 13 and 14 February 2021.

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Can a Doughnut Help Us Recover From COVID-19?

The GGKP, Korea Green Growth Trust Fund and World Bank Group jointly organised a webinar on 24 February 2021 with an agenda to adopt a new approach through Doughnut Economics model and mindset that operates "in the space between a social foundation and an ecological ceiling." Read More...
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Building Synergies at Regional Enterprise Coalitions

Work4Progress along with other organisations conducted a virtual event to discuss convergence between inter-district organisations, government institutions and other stakeholders to increase support for enterpreneurship and create sustainable and equitable livelihood opportunities through entrepreneurship on 10 Feb 2021. Read More...
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Training for women by RSETI Lalitpur,
Uttar Pradsh

RSETI in partnership with IKEA Foundation conducted training from women from 16 Dec 2020 to 22 January 2021 on various disciplines like Bamboo Craft, Poultry Farming, Goat Rearing, Dairy Farming, Aggarbati & Dhoopbati Making, Tailoring and Stitching and Paper Bag Making. Read More...
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Training of Trainers as part of Suhana Safar Programme

As part of 'Suhana Safar' programme, a Training of Trainers session was conducted at Development Alternatives Headquarters on 12 February 2021 to orient the trainers and activity coordinators with the objectives of the programme.

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Co-creating Sustainable Livelihoods through Cluster Development

Channapatna Lacware Toy Cluster in Karnataka, part of IMEDF has been approved during the 36th Scheme Steering Committee meeting of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India under SFURTI (Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries) initiative. Read More...
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Entrepreneurship For Empowerment

The emerging Indian economy is characterised by unparalleled dynamism owing to a new wave of technology and market transitions, as well as structural changes in the macro-economic environment. 'The Entrepreneurship for Empowerment' programme is conceptualised as a response to this dynamism. to enable vulnerable communities to adapt to these changes, and create a culture of entrepreneurship where access to information and opportunities is equitably available among all individuals. This bulletin focusses on strategic partnerships, regional coalition, enterprise development facility, enterprise mela, and other glimpses from ground.

Concrete Blocks Production and construction guide

This manual has been prepared as part of a project on ‘Delivery Model for Eco-friendly Multi Hazard Resistant Construction Technologies and Habitat Solutions in Mountain States’, which has been implemented in Uttarkashi (Uttarakhand) under the TIME LEARN (Technology Innovation in Mountain Ecosystem Livelihood Enhancement through Action Research and Networking) programme of the Department of Science and Technology. It is prepared as a guide for the use of building artisans, entrepreneurs and government officials for production and implementation of Stabilised Compressed Earth Block wall masonry in mountain regions.


The study tries to assess the energy and GHG emission footprint of municipal water along with its life cycle in urban human settlements in the city of Dehradun. The findings of the research indicate the most pressing issues the city faces and the tremendous scope for improving the services efficiency and resource-sufficiency, equity and resilience of the system. The study recommends an integrated systemic approach to reduce the consumption of virgin water and water stress, and to ensure equitable distribution and access to safe and healthy water, thus ensuring self-sustaining urban water systems.'


The Entrepreneurship Paradox – from Mirzapur to Mumbai

Entrepreneurship - the act of engaging in a purposeful, productive and profitable activity - has gained currency as a means for building a new, better India. Sadly, it remains constrained, in the hands of few, and in many ways is exacerbating the poverty gap and excluding millions. Kanika Verma, Lead, Sustainable Business Solutions, Development Alternatives Group, highlights the need to move on from depending upon larger businesses who might hopefully become "equal opportunity employers" towards "equal opportunity entrepreneurship".


Unveiling of SAM-UDYAM: An Inclusive Entrepreneurship Collaboratory

Development Alternatives with its partners is elated to announce SAM-UDYAM - an inclusive entrepreneurship collaboration which aims to bring together thought leaders, changemakers and innovators on a platform to promote entrepreneurship for creating sustainable livelihoods at scale. By 2025, the initiative will enable setting up of 1 million new enterprises every year, thereby creating employment for over 10 million Indians by 2030. Join us as we come together to make entrepreneurship accessible for all!

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