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April 2019

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Work 4 Progress India at the UNDP Workshop on Open Innovation Platforms

DA participated in the Open Innovation Platforms workshop organised by la Caixa Foundation and UNDP; where the Work 4 Progress India programme was showcased. Read More...
Get in touch with: Kanika Verma

Promoting Soil-based Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Technology in India

The DA group, with support from Japanese International Cooperation Agency, is validating and promoting Japanese wastewater treatment technology, with an aim to promote nature based solutions in the Indian context. Read More...
Get in touch with: Himanshu Mishra

Rural Immersion Programme for Institute of Secretariat Training and Management, Delhi

DA organised a Rural Immersion Programme for the students of Institute of Secretariat Training and Management, Delhi, to orient them towards developmental initiatives in rural areas. Read More...
Get in touch with: Chandan Mishra

DA Presents the Study on Estimating the Finance Required for NDCs at MoEFCC

For India to reach its NDC goals, an assessment of financial requirements will support in estimating its domestic potential and support required from international funds. DA has been entrusted with the study on Goal 7 on finance required through domestic and new & additional funds to achieve the NDC by 2030. Read More...
Get in touch with: Zeenat Niazi

More than 1500 Women Made Literate Under TARA Akshar+ Programme

TARA Akshar+ programme has been successfully concluded in Kachhuna Block of Hardoi District (Uttar Pradesh). Supported by the HCL Foundation, more than 1500 women have been made functionally literate in the six gram panchayats of the district within a time period of August 2017 and April 2019. Read More...
Get in touch with: Divya Mehrotra

World Earth Day Celebration by
Radio Bundelkhand

On the occasion of World Earth Day, Radio Bundelkhand broadcast a special live-in programme on the theme 'Protect our Species'. The listeners also shared their views on global warming and how they can contribute in reducing the effect of climate change on the planet.

Get in touch with: Chandra Prakash Niranjan


Sustainable Consumption and Production Publications Catalogue

With increasing pressure on natural resources due to growth demands, DA has done extensive research on assessing the situation and identifying solutions for decoupling resource use from economic growth. This catalogue comprises of reports, articles and audio-visuals that aim at spreading awareness among the masses and provide information on possible interventions for sustainable consumption and production practices.

Understanding Waterflows in Ujjain: Status and Potential

This study is undertaken to explore and understand water resource flows in Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) and accordingly draw lessons for more efficient urban water planning and management. This report is the glimpse of the baseline scenario prevailing in the city and provides for recommendations on sustainable urban water management based on a multi-stakeholder consultation held in the city.

Mainstreaming Sustainable Social Housing in India: Findings and insights from the MaS-SHIP project

Mainstreaming Sustainable Social Housing in India project (MaS-SHIP) is a research project funded by the United Nations Environment’s 10 Year Framework Programme (10YFP), that aims to identify the impacts and benefits of housing production at scale on the environment, economy and communities. This publication proposes and discusses the policy implications of mainstreaming sustainable social housing in India.


"Environment Education is the Need of the Hour" by Dr Alka Srivastava (Senior Programme Director, DA)

India's environmental challenges are assuming gigantic proportions. Factors like our exploding population, changes in consumption patterns and poverty are putting immense pressure on the environment. Another big challenge is lack of environmental awareness and conservation. A multi-pronged approach involving all relevant stakeholders proactively with accountability and ownership by 'all' has to be the way forward to handle this mammoth task of environment management and its rejuvenation.


TARA Akshar+ Programme Enlightens Lives of Women in Hardoi District, Uttar Pradesh | 2nd May 2019

Media organisations have covered the work done by DA under the recently concluded TARA Akshar+ Adult Literacy programme in Hardoi District (Uttar Pradesh). A total of 1556 women have been made functionally literate, with support from the HCL Foundation, in partnership with the CSO partner - Sarvodaya Ashram.


Environment Friendly Bricks in Malawi

The EcoKiln technology is based on vertical shaft brick kiln principles and is one of the most energy efficient technology available in the world for fired clay brick production. This technology relies on the principle of counter correct heat exchanger in order to achieve high thermal efficiency. The DA Group has done extensive research on the EcoKiln technology for more than a decade and has disseminated across many countries in Asia and Africa. This video provides an overview of Eco-Kiln Technology and its benefits over the conventional brick manufacturing process in Malawi.

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