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April 2020


Providing Immediate Relief to Communities Stranded Amidst the Lockdown for COVID-19

In association with Maersk, Janpahal and HUL, DA has provided meals, ration packets, masks, soaps and sanitisers to vulnerable communities during the lockdown in view of the spread of COVID-19. Read More...
Get in touch with: Sushant Agarwal

Resilience in Times of Crisis: How Clusters are Bringing Individuals and Networks Together

Through strong and relational networks, and empowered individuals, Development Alternatives is enabling opportunities and cooperation in clusters for providing relief in pandemic. Read More...
Get in touch with: Col Raman Thapar

Socio-Economic Impact Study of COVID-19 in Villages of Bundelkhand

COVID19 has brought the world to a standstill. While we know about the challenges faced by people in urban areas, there are many unheard voices from rural and remote areas. Read More...
Get in touch with: Diksha Singh

TARA Akshar+ Neo-literates Contributing to Combat the Spread of COVID-19

The neo-literate women of TARA Akshar+ from Marwadi village of Jahkaura Block in Lalitpur district, Uttar Pradesh are stitching and distributing masks in their communities. Read More...
Get in touch with: Col MS Ahluwalia

Agents of Change Rising to Provide Relief to the Communities in Times of Crisis

A story of Tauheed Khan, member of the Work 4 Progress programme of la Caixa Foundation and DA, has been providing rations to sanitation workers and daily wage labourers during the lockdown. Read More...
Get in touch with: Ankit Mudgal

COVID-19 Relief Intervention in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand

With support from National Mission of Himalayan Studies, DA initiated community support programme in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand during the lockdown owing to COVID-19 pandemic. Read More...
Get in touch with: Kavya Arora


Work 4 Progress Bulletin April 2020 Issue

The Work 4 Progress (W4P) programme of Development Alternatives and la Caixa Foundation aims to provide decent work opportunities for youth and women in three developing countries. In India, W4P provides enterprise development opportunities for youth and women in two regions – Bundelkhand and Eastern Uttar Pradesh. 'Jobs We Want', the April 2020 bulletin of W4P India talks about how W4P prototypes are driving transformative change by breaking silos, facilitating collaboration, leveraging existing resources and designing customized solutions to ensure no aspiring entrepreneur is left behind.

Environmental & Resource assessment for uptake of LC3 in India’s cement mix

This report provides a detailed description of the study undertaken to ascertain the potential sustainable impact of LC3 in India's cement mix. Conducting a comparative analysis of the environmental and resource performance between two diverse cement production scenarios - Business As Usual (BAU) and Low-Carbon Pathway (LCP), the study concludes that introduction and growing proportion of LCPs have a better environmental and resource performance - thereby establishing the legitimacy of LC3 as the cement for sustainable future in India.

WASH in Schools

The ‘WASH in schools’ initiative has used the approach code called the 4 A’s approach (Assessment, Awareness, Action and Advocacy). By supporting good health, hygiene and dignity at this formative stage in a child’s life, the ‘WASH in schools’ initiative has yielded multiple dividends such as reduction in the school drop-out rate especially of the girl children; promotion of gender equality by building sanitation structures separately for the girls; and sensitisation of the community to take action towards demanding safe water and toilet facilities.


Opportunities for People – Planet and Prosperity in a post COVID world

As the world grapples with COVID-19, images of blue skies, clean waters, birds and wildlife teeming into streets started emerging within the first two weeks of lock-down. But there is a flip side to the sudden breath of fresh air. Thousands of small industries are closed and tens of thousands of workers are without work. In this blog, Zeenat Niazi, Vice President, Development Alternatives highlights the need for human well-being and prosperity be done within eco-system limits. She asserts that there is an opportunity for us to clean up our act as a nation post-COVID-19, because we can not afford to go back to business-as-usual.


Building Movements of MSMEs for transition to Inclusive & Green Economy

India faces complex challenge in terms of providing its citizens a sustainable livelihood opportunity and a healthy living environment. Realising the desperate need for creating Green and Inclusive Economy, Development Alternatives looks out for Micro-Small Enterprises (MSMEs) as the best alternative for providing jobs while being environmentally responsible.
With a focus on ensuring that local green businesses get a stake in the transition to a green economy, Development Alternatives hosted the GEC Global Annual Meet with UN Page India from 4-6 February 2020 in New Delhi.

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