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July 2021


Awareness campaign in Samdua Khirak block, Niwari on COVID-19 Vaccination

Radio Bundelkhand has been creating awareness on the importance of the vaccine and also disseminating information on precautions to be taken for COVID-19. It recently covered a rally organised to create awareness on vaccination, by the District Administration in the villages of Niwari District, Madhya Pradesh. Read More...
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#UnlockingHerPotential: A Webinar Series on Literacy Led Women Empowerment

TARA Akshar+ programme organised a webinar series #UnlockingHerPotential, literacy led empowerment of women. The sixth webinar, illustrated significance of the role of literacy in the lives of women and how it builds resilient communities.

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DA and DIT signs MoU to set up the Centre of Excellence in the Western Himalayas

Development Alternatives (DA) and the Dehradun Institute of Technology (DIT) University have signed a MoU for a strategic partnership towards setting up the Centre of Excellence for Resilient Human Settlements in the Western Himalayas.

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Webinar Series- We for Water, Water for Us

The 3rd and 4th sessions of the webinar series 'Water Resource Management for Sustainable Development and the Role of Citizens' were conducted in July. The sessions focused on knowledge sharing on innovative technologies to Create Safe Drinking Water Sources.

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COVID-19 relief and support work in Delhi-NCR

During the second wave of COVID-19, Development Alternatives and Maersk came together to support vulnerable population with basic requirements like cooked food, masks and sanitisers. Over 10,000 individuals were reached out through these interventions.

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Tank rejuvenation initiated in Niwari, Madhya Pradesh

Due to water crisis in the village Ubora, Niwari, Madhya Pradesh, farmers faced a lot of problems during agricultural activities. To resolve this, tank rejuvenation was initiated in the village. DA team started the work of tank deepening and cleaning for smoothening the agricultural activities. Read More...
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Mainstreaming Sustainable Social Housing in India: Findings and insights from the MaS-SHIP project

Mainstreaming Sustainable Social Housing in India project (MaS-SHIP) is a research project funded by the United Nations Environment's 10 Year Framework Programme (10YFP), that aims to identify the impacts and benefits of housing production at scale on the environment, economy and communities. This publication proposes and discusses the policy implications of mainstreaming sustainable social housing in India.

Stabilized Compressed Earth Blocks

This manual has been prepared as part of a project on 'Delivery Model for Eco-friendly Multi Hazard Resistant Construction Technologies and Habitat Solutions in Mountain States', which has been implemented in Uttarkashi (Uttarakhand) under the TIME LEARN (Technology Innovation in Mountain Ecosystem Livelihood Enhancement through Action Research and Networking) programme of the Department of Science and Technology.

Sustainable Consumption and Production Publications Catalogue

With increasing pressure on natural resources due to growth demands, DA has done extensive research on assessing the situation and identifying solutions for decoupling resource use from economic growth. This catalogue comprises of reports, articles and audio-visuals that aims at spreading awareness among the masses and provide information on possible interventions for sustainable consumption and production practices.


Waste to Energy: Electricity Generation Through Rice Husk

India consumes around 3.4% of global energy, which makes it the world’s sixth largest consumer of energy. The electrification rate in India is around 64.5%. However, about 35.5% of the Indian population still does not have safe access to electricity. Therefore, there is a need to search for decentralised and renewable energy-based options to meet the rural energy needs in a sustainable way.
Read our latest blog on how Rice husk can be converted into a useful form of energy to meet the thermal and mechanical energy requirement of the mill itself because of its high calorific value. And how the proper utilisation of husk into the production of energy helps in minimising the waste disposal and emissions problem.


#UnlockingHerPotential: A Webinar Series on Literacy Led Empowerment of Women by Development Alternatives

TARA Akshar+ is a flagship programme that has enabled and empowered women to become active citizens and tackle the wide array of challenges that came their way due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Through our insightful webinar series #UnlockingHerPotential, we deliberate on ways in a world that is changing exponentially, creating an equitable future requires empowering women by providing various opportunities, enabling them to reimagine, redesign and fulfil their aspirations. Watch the 6th session of the webinar series #UnlockingHerPotential where speakers illustrated the significance of the role of literacy in the lives of women and how it builds resilient communities.

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