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March 2019

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DA at the National Workshop on Management of Grey Water in Rural Areas

A national workshop on management of grey water in rural areas and Arsenic and Fluoride remediation was conducted by IIT Madras. Dr. K. Vijayalakshmi (Vice President, DA) presented on 'Simple and low cost Arsenic, Fluoride & Bacteriological testing equipments’. Read More...
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International Women’s Day in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand

The International Women's Day was celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm in the programme areas of DA. Women shared their journey towards empowerment and were felicitated for their commendable work to bring change in the society. Read More...
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Radio Bundelkhand Creates Awareness on Children’s Rights

DA's Community Radio Station - Radio Bundelkhand, has been broadcasting 'Childhood Express' programmes to create awareness on importance of education in children and to curb social evils like child marriage. Read More...
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EcoKiln Technology Promoted through Information Sessions at Malawi

The DA Group conducted Information sessions to create an ecosystem that enables viable business scenario for the Eco Kiln Technology, which environmentally-friendly. Read More...
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Nurturing Self Help Groups for All Round Development

DA aims to create and support resilient women Self Help Groups to help improve their access to formal credit and livelihoods as well as enable them to avail their rights, entitlements and opportunities. Read More...
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Enterprise Development Workshop to Create Convergence in the Enterprise Ecosystem

The Enterprise Development Workshop oriented the participants on the concepts of enterprise development and skill of creating convergence with the enterprise ecosystem in Haryana. Read More...
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DA at the Urban Nexus Training

DA's work on resource efficiency was highlighted during the Urban Nexus training, that deals with integrated resource management of the Nexus sectors - water, waste water, energy, food security and solid waste at local, district and national level. Read More...
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Voter Education through Community Radio

In line with the ‘Festival of Democracy’ by the Election Commission of India and UNESCO, Radio Bundelkhand 90.4 has been chosen amongst various other community radios across India, to create awareness on voting and voter education at the grassroots. Read More...
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Refresher Training for TARA Akshar+ Sahelis

TARA Akshar+ is an ICT based programme which imparts functional literacy in Hindi and basic arithmetic in just 56 days. TARA Akshar+ Sahelis and Instructors were provided a refresher training on Gyan Chaupali and TARA Akshar+. Read More...
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Empowering Budding Entrepreneurs through Regional Coalition Meetings

The regional coalition meetings under the Entrepreneurship for Empowerment programme, aimed to build a strong ecosystem for accelerated micro enterprise development in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

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Promoting Apprenticeship and Livelihoods for Girls and Women

Under the Bridge to Livelihood Project supported by UNDP and NSDC, DA created awareness on National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme for industry representatives and stakeholders of Raichur (Karnataka).

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Empowerment of Women through
Vocational Training

Under the NABARD Tribal Development Fund, a ten days training was organised in the Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh; wherein 40 women got trained on cutting, sewing and stitching of garments.

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Women Empowerment Publications Catalogue

Women’s economic empowerment is a prerequisite for sustainable development. Since its inception, DA has been designing and providing eco-solutions for women in the areas of literacy, energy, water, habitat, skill development and capacity building and enterprise development. This Publications Catalogue is a compilation of major publications on women empowerment developed by DA.

Bridging the Communication Gap

The project 'Bridging the Digital Divide – Technology Innovations for Community Based Organisations (CBOs)’, supported by the Ford Foundation, facilitated incubation of 7 technologies addressing various needs of the CBOs. This capitalisation document takes us through the approach and achievements of the project specifying the livelihood needs and prevailing opportunities for the CBOs.

Understanding Water Flows in Bhubaneshwar

DA, with support from Heinrich Böll Foundation, has initiated a study across four cities looking at resource efficiency, sufficiency, equity and operational management of the urban water system. This study, undertaken with support from Heinrich Böll Foundation, explores and understands water resource flows in urban areas of the city of Bhubaneswar.


"Aspirations Unshackled… Opportunities Unearthed" by Kanika Verma (Programme Director, DA)

There are several facets of entrepreneurship and empowerment – and we need to promote them all. Innovation is required in standardising enterprise support services, and at the same time customising solutions for each entrepreneur persona with their unique needs. In this blog, Kanika Verma (Programme Director, DA) draws attention to DA’s efforts on capturing new narratives by unshackling aspirations and the unfulfilled potential of empowerment, enabling self-actualisation of entrepreneurs.


International Women’s Day Celebration I Hindustan I 8th March 2019

The International Women's Day was celebrated with enthusiasm in various programme areas of DA. Media has covered the celebrations done in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.


Swachh Jal Behtar Kal

This short film highlights the programmatic interventions of safe drinking water initiated by DA. The film showcases the field work conducted by DA for imparting education to the wider public on the importance of water quality and its safe consumption. It also describes the significance of clean water for individual well being, and then proceeds to various techniques and strategies developed by DA, including Aqua+ and SODIS for rapid treatment of water to ensure minimum, acceptable standards of water quality.

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