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May 2019

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Greening the Footprint of Construction Sector in Bihar

The DA Group is working with the Bihar State Pollution Control Board and Department of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of Bihar, to promote cleaner brick production technologies especially looking at fly ash brick technology. Read More...
Get in touch with: Dr. Soumen Maity

Empowering Rural Women through
Vocational Training

DA has always been a strong believer in the importance of skill development and carries out many such activities to contribute towards creating sustainable livelihood alternatives for the deprived sections of the society.

Get in touch with: Gunjesh Kumar Gunjan

Radio Bundelkhand celebrates International Labour Day

On the occasion of International Labour Day on 1st May 2019, Radio Bundelkhand broadcasted a live-in programme. Two labourers from Bundelkhand were invited to speak about their life experiences as labourers and the labour rights. Read More...
Get in touch with: Chandra Prakash Niranjana

Livelihood Opportunities for Women

The vocational training on 'carpet finishing' was organised with the Rural Self-Employment Training Institute in Bhadohi for TARA Akshar+ women. This was to ensure sustainable livelihoods to women who become functionally literate and numerate under TARA Akshar+.  Read More...
Get in touch with: Divya Mehrotra

YuvaKendra – A New Hope for Youth

Livelihood opportunities are being through YuvaKendras that impart both long and short-term skill building training to youth who have not been able to complete mainstream education and are from economically challenged backgrounds.

Get in touch with: Rahul Bhardwaj

Placing Youth on a Skilling Path

The Skills to Livelihood programme with support from HDB Financial Services, provides training in various skills for a sustainable and dignified livelihood and income-generating opportunities to school drop-outs and unemployed women & youth in Rajasthan.

Get in touch with: Jyoti Sharma

Skill Enhancement for Livelihood Development

DA, in partnership with UNICEF, has undertaken the project ‘Linking Adolescent Girls and Boys of Jhabua to Livelihood through Skill Enhancement for a Better Future’. The project envisions enhancing the aspirations of adolescent youths of Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh) through skill development, employment generation and linkage with different livelihood opportunities. Read More...
Get in touch with: Aakriti Uttam

Preparing Youth for Future

Young people are a crucial segment of society; and need to have the correct direction to pursue their careers. DA, in partnership with Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd., is conducting career interventions with youth, especially girls of Manesar (Haryana), so that they can become self dependent and become leaders of change.

Get in touch with: Divya Yadav


Wadi - Securing Livelihoods

This compendium of case studies describes the journey of the wadi establishment process. It covers the scientific principles of agro-ecology that enable an optimal and sustainable utilisation of the productive potential of land.

Livelihood Preparedness

The Livelihood Preparedness Brochure highlights the initiative undertaken by DA in preparing the community, especially women, in taking up alternative livelihoods to enhance their quality of life.

Greening the Brick sector in Bihar

This brochure shares the initiatives undertaken in Bihar in setting up Fly Ash Brick (FAB) Enterprises and the FAB Quality Rating System developed by DA, in association with the Government of Bihar.


"Indian Trucking Industry – Skilling the Supply Chain" by Tanvi Arora

It is estimated that by 2022, there will be only 480 drivers per 1000 trucks, which will have serious implications for the Indian economy. In our society, drivers lack respect. They are adversely affected due to long working hours, poor sanitation, poor food standards and poor pay packets. The Skilling Supply Chains initiative called Suhana Safar, is designed and developed by DA in an effort to work towards eliminating most of the significant challenges faced by the truck drivers and their helper community and the other supply chain workers.


Participatory Governance in Action

Bundelkhand used to be trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty & backwardness, weak governance & low people's participation systems, and voicelessness of marginalised people. DA transformed this situation of distress by adopting its 4As approach. It created an organised and empowering system of participatory governance - one trusted by all sections of the society - ushering in a 'Shubh Kal' or a better tomorrow.

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