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October 2018



DA at the 'Rethinking Development Cooperation' Conference in Germany

DA's 'Shubhkal Leader - A Rural Reality Show on Climate Change' receives appreciation at an international conference on Rethinking Development Cooperation in Germany. Read More...
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NSDC signs Letter of Understanding with UNDP and DA

NSDC, under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, signed LoU with UNDP and DA, to co-create apprenticeship, employability and life skills — programmes for Indian women. Read More...
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LC3-Information Day promotes the LC3 Technology Resource Centre in Assam

The LC3 Technology Resource Centre has been initiated by the DA Group along with partners, to provide state-of-the-art knowledge and consultancy services on LC3 and related products. Read More...
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'Supermini Courses' on Systems Play

DA anchors the Asia Hub in a global collaborative of social innovators - 'Systems Play', that provides single-window access to knowledge resources for change-makers and acts as a platform for stories in the form of case studies, tools, modules, and resources Read More...
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Mapping Water Flows in Indian cities

DA, in partnership with HBF initiated a study to map the the flow of water resources within four cities of India, with an aim to contribute towards developing an understanding about the circularity of water resource use within a city. Read More...
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Coalition Workshop on Entrepreneurship

A coalition workshop was organised in Uttar Pradesh, with the aim of promoting a learning discourse on job creation and entrepreneurship, under 'Entrepreneurship for Empowerment' programme of DA, in partnership with HSBC India. Read More...
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Radio Bundelkhand Commemorates a Decade of Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Radio Bundelkhand celebrated a decade of catering to the needs of the local community by creating and broadcasting programmes of local interest while simultaneously addressing their problems through infotainment. Tune in here to listen to the radio. Read More...
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Launch of Market Place 'Nav Udyami Haat' for Entrepreneurs in Bundelkhand

The DA group launched an enterprise haat to ensure a better ecosystem for extended market linkages for entrepreneurs, which will host stalls for entrepreneurs supported under Work 4 Progress and will provide a space to engage with other market players. Read More...
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Zeenat Niazi (VP, DA) as a Speaker at the GGKP Webinar

Zeenat Niazi shared her views on how circular economy can be a response to material savings, innovation and job creation, in the GGKP Webinar on 'Doing More with Less for More: Rebuilding Capital in a Circular Economy'. Read More...
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Policy Brief on Farmer Producer Organisations in India

This paper has been developed under year II of the research project 'Transforming the Development Paradigm', supported by Heinrich Boll Foundation. The focus of this paper is to study the Farmer Producer Organisations at the practice and policy level, and explore policy lessons.

Training Manual on Construction and Demolition Waste Management in India

The training manual intends to educate the audience on the severity of problem caused by Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste on the environment and serve as a reference manual providing information towards C&D waste management in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Community Radio Guide for Climate Change Reporting

Community Radio plays a lead role in initiating a dialogue within the community on climate change and its impact. The guide provides the community radio reporters with information on creating effective radio programmes on climate change adaptation measures to help communities adapt in the face of change.


"Habitat as Enabler of Rural Livelihoods" by Shri Jitesh Khosla, IAS Retd. (Former Chief Secretary, Government of Assam and Senior Advisor to DA) and Srijani Hazra (Manager, DA)

Growth and development of rural India will remain a key to overall growth of the country. With agriculture, the key economic driver in rural areas suffering from so many risks and challenges, the key is to raise the productive potential of the rural population in the rural areas itself. Housing is one of the means of unlocking this potential. There is a need to look beyond housing as shelter and to adopt a sustainable habitat development approach.


DA's Report on 'Resource Efficiency in the Indian Construction Sector' quoted in the Financial Express | 25th October 2018

The Financial Express, in the article 'Sustainable urban development: Why it is important to set standards and have quality certification for recycled materials?', referred to the study conducted by DA and GIZ. This report attempts to present a snapshot of the status of C&D waste generation and management in 10 surveyed cities across India, establish scenario based projections of C&D waste in India, and present technical and economic feasibility of products made with C&D waste. Click here to view the report.

Radio Bundelkhand receives the 'Friends of MANCH' | 6th October 2018

Radio Bundelkhand was awarded as 'Friends of MANCH' by the IdeosyncMedia Combine, for the creation and dissemination of works on various issues through excellent networking and media platform.


Community Radio and Climate Change

Community radios play a crucial role in sharing information on climate change risks and adaptation measures in locally relevant ways. This film showcases the role of radio reporters in strengthening community knowledge on climate change adaptation and increasing awareness of the government authorities and policy makers on the issue.

Watershed Management

This film showcases the watershed management programmes implemented by DA in the semi-arid and drought-prone region of Bundelkhand in Central India. These programmes have helped prevent soil run-off, harvest rainwater and recharge groundwater creating sustainable livelihoods for rural communities.

Access to Justice for Marginalised People

Women in the Bundelkhand region are not aware of the basic justice system provisions. In order to raise awareness on women rights, training of Paralegal Workers (PLWs) was done to serve as a link between their communities and justice service authorities. This video presents examples of the exceptional work done by the PLWs.

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