Vol. 30    No. 08   August 2020



Redesigning Entrepreneurship Paradigms







A Paradigm Shift in Our Approach towards Entrepreneurship



Shifting Systems - Organisational Innovation for Transformational Change


Need for Innovation in Technology-Based Entrepreneurship


Technology-driven Sustainable Livelihoods for a Self-Reliant India


SFURTI Clusters: Resilient, Self -Sustainable and Inclusive Growth Models


Policy Perspective

Government Schemes for Micro Enterprises Post COVID A Critique

Practice to Policy
Building Atma-Nirbhar Micro Enterprises

Bundelkhand Diary
Community Radio - Lifeline of Rural Bundelkhand


The views expressed in the articles are those of the authors and not necessarily those of Development Alternatives.

Editor : Neelam Ahluwalia

Email : library@devalt.org

Website : www.devalt.org

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