Innovations in Hand Made Paper

TARA Leads the way

V.K Tiwari

Purolator needs inputs that meet the exacting demands of international standards for automotive filters. TARA handmade, recycled paper, the result of continuous improvement through R&D, has been able to meet the challenge to our satisfaction

At TARA, we are committed to customer satisfaction, TARA hand made paper was launched in 1988 and TARA is today recognised as the leading brand for high quality handmade recycled paper. TARA has many "firsts" in the handmade paper industry. It was the first to manufacture handmade paper for industrial users; Purolator, Espirit, Consorzio Gioventu Digitale. TARA HMP team is constantly at work to raise the level of customer satisfaction through :


Diversification - regularly introduce new products into the market


Standardisation constantly make improvements in the manufacturing process


Customisation develop new recipes tailored to manufacture any paper you want


Quality management maintain strict control of the quality for every batch of paper produced in our facilities

The TARA handmade paper manufacturing facility at TARAgram is specially geared to produce a wide range of quality paper for different market segments. The TARA paper is manufactured using environmentally benign technology, material and processes. The TARA facility is also equipped with a state-of-the-art R&D set up which facilitates product development and effective quality control. TARA has an inventory of recipes of over 200 varieties of handmade paper. The prominent classification of TARA papers follows :

TARA papers for printers

At TARA, we are continuously innovating to instill high level of confidence among major users of handmade paper. The handmade paper, produced under controlled conditions, is highly compatible with different types of printing. TARA paper has been used by HTA for four colour offset printing, by MAPIN publishers for limited edition books, and reputed printers for screen, offset and foil stamping.

TARA Bond papers

Hand made paper has for long been considered as an alternative, where standardisation of quality and performance could not be guaranteed. The technology for manufacture of TARA bond paper (80 GSM to 150 GSM) assures highest quality of the product. TARA bond paper; which is available in A4 and higher sizes, is recommended for use in laser printers and Xerox machines. It is recommended that the use of paper is specified while ordering the paper. Decorative handmade paper containing silk, jute or wool fibres, is not recommended for use in electronic machines.

Customised Herbal paper

TARA has been approached by leading herbal companies, Dabur and Ayur, to produce paper using herbal wastes or herbal fragrances. A retail chain of French hotels desired coaster paper with fragrance of exotic herbs and spices, including garlic, cloves and lemon grass. TARA has been able to deliver quality paper for all their requirements. TARA is today able to offer customised solutions for speciality handmade paper; particularly for bulk users.

New range of TARA papers

TARA has continuously diversified the paper quality through the use of diversified materials. It has launched a complete range of natural denim papers. Some of the varieties of TARA Denim include plain denim bond (100 GSM), plain denim card (200-450 GSM), denim textured card (200-450 GSM) and black denim (100-450 GSM).

TARA Sterling uses shredded currency notes as a unique ingredient in this new range of paper. TARA Sterling is available in five distinct shades; depending on the currency notes used. TARA Sterling paper can be manufacture in the range of 120 450 GSM.

TARA Expressions is a new range of long life paper for artists. It is available in unique textures such as:

l Natural grain
l Canvas
l Ultra fine

TARA expressions can be manufactured and supplied in cut sizes as well as with deckle edge. Given below are three representative samples of TARA's latest range of handmade recycled papers. q


TARA Denim


TARA Sterling


TARA Expressions

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