Development Alternatives in CoP 8

Inter-Regional Conference on Adaptation to Climate Change, 18-20 October 2002

Prior to the COP 8 meeting, Development Alternatives, co-organised this conference in New Delhi, India.  The purpose of the conference was to further discussions on issues related to adaptation approaches, strategies and programmes in developing countries.

t Integration of adaptation policies & measures with sustainable development
t Mainstream adaptation into national, local & sectoral plans.
t Institutionalize responsibility at all levels and explore innovative ways to gain resources.

Impact on
Delhi Declaration

The recommendations of this conference are imbued in one of the decisions of COP 8, the Delhi Declaration:

“Adaptation requires urgent attention of all countries. Effective measures should be supported for development of approaches on vulnerability and adaptation, as well as capacity building for integration of adaptation concerns into sustainable development strategies.”

Market-Based Mechanisms for GHG Emission Mitigation: Issues & Concerns, 25 October 2002

Development Alternatives organised this side-event to COP 8.  Important topics included reduction of transaction costs for small-scale GHG mitigation projects, multi-project baselines, CDM and sustainable development.

Events on Adaptation Day (CoP 8), 28 October 2002

“We Care, We Act” campaign  by local school children

“Plans, Programmes and Achievements of South Asian countries regarding Adaptation to Climate Change” Conference, organised by Development Alternatives

A self-help group promoting their products at the exhibition on sustainable livelihoods.



A Reminder…Why Address Climate Change?

International concern over climate change has come about because of mounting scientific evidence that the average global surface temperature is rising.


Global surface air temperature: monthly values as departures
from the 1961-1990 mean (Tiempo, June 2003)

Issues to be Addressed at CoP 9

q Capacity building in adaptation and CDM
q Transfer of financial resources and environmentally sound technologies form North to South
q Creation of large adaptation fund for developing countries


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