Awards & Recognitions

Development Catalysts, ACCESS Development Services

Development Alternatives has been honoured with the prestigious Development Catalysts 2022 award at the Livelihoods India Summit 2022 by ACCESS Development Services for its contribution in building socially relevant enterprise solutions for local economic development, job creation and in the field of adult literacy for over the last forty years.

Dr. Ashok Khosla gets Lifetime Achievement Award, MSMEs

Dr. Ashok Khosla, Chairman, of Development Alternatives was awarded Lifetime Achievement Award for tirelessly working to strengthen MSMEs

Rethinking Education for Sustainability, Commonwealth Education Award

TARA Akshar +, our miracle literacy solution programme has won the Commonwealth Education Award, for Rethinking Education for Sustainability 21-22. Through the programme, we empower women to learn to first read the word and then the world, enabling them to work towards a sustainable future. With access to quality living, developing knowledge, skills, behavior and values needed to think responsibly women are able to take charge of their own lives and the context they are in, rather than just being receptacles of information.

Access Livelihoods Sitaram Rao Case Study Competition

Churachandpur Lemongrass Cluster in Manipur has won the award under the theme - Advancing Agro and Processing Enterprises for Rural Development. The case study focussed on technological and farm innovations of natural farming practices and the introduction of GC-MS technology which helps in identification of volatile chemical substances.

We the Change Now, UN

Varsha Raikwar from Development Alternatives is selected among the 17 Young Climate Leaders from across the nation by UN in India for the movement ‘We the Change Now’ to help shape the future of climate change in India

Lead Radio Station, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Radio Bundelkhand has been chosen as Lead Bundelkhand in the State of Madhya Pradesh by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

IMEDF - Second runner up for case study in The Sitaram Rao Livelihoods India Case Study Competition

IMEDF bagged the second prize for case study on lemon grass cluster in Manipur in The Sitaram Rao Livelihoods India Case Study Competition. The competition was organised by ACCESS Development Services. Two case studies of clusters in Manipur and Andhra Pradesh were also selected in top 10 and published in the compendium.

UN Sustainable Development Goals Good Practices

Micro Enterprise Development Foundation (IMEDF) and Work 4 Progress (W4P) India have been recognized as United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Good Practices.

TARA Akshar+ programme in Bhadohi appreciated under Mission Shakti Abhiyan on Uttar Pradesh Foundation Day 2021 & National Balika Diwas

TARA Akshar+ programme has been praised and appreciated by the Member of Rajya Mahila Ayog Uttar Pradesh on 24 January 2021, for having made more than 56,000 women literate in Bhadohi District.

NABARD's Gramin Samriddhi Award for Chopan-1 Tribal Development Project

Development Alternatives has been awarded as the "Best Tribal Development Project" by NABARD. This recognises the hard work of those working tirelessly on the ground, for the past many years, to turn around the situation.